About “Behind The Barbs”

Behind the Barbs is a series of blog excerpts culled from hundreds, no wait… maybe thousands of untold stories that are revealed through the eyes of Stand-Up Comedy director Scott Montoya in an osmosis behind-the-curtain kind-of-way. Whew, that was a mouth full.

Basically its a rambling of “fails” and “no shit!” moments that happened over some 20 + years, not only back stage but down the hall and behind the exit door when nobody was paying attention. Which sounds a lot like a disclaimer. Ok maybe not thousands, but definitely a few stories. And I guess he must have been paying attention since he is blogging about them now. Anyway, take it away Scott…


Scott Montoya and Lighting Designer Tom Beck discussing lighting plots, yhea this was a pretty good story… I think. 


Where do I begin?

Instead of starting a podcast like everyone else seems to have done, (who is listening to all these podcasts?) I thought I would finally take the time to just begin writing about some of the “Oh man I forgot about that” moments.  A little insight, a little fun, a lot of craziness and just some stuff that happened behind the green door over time. Ok that sounds like a porno film reference and its not. Just in-case you didn’t know its the door back-stage that leads into the green room. It’s not really green but… never mind.

Why now? Because I am getting older and well because I don’t want to forget, which I seem to be doing more often then not lately. Writing some of this craziness down will at least give me the opportunity to document some of this somewhere for my kids to read someday. Hopefully it might give them a sense of what their old man did to put food on the table and cloths on their backs and well their fronts too. Sounds “Cliche”? I know, but that’s my goal… to sound cliche, not to write it down for my kids. So if you don’t find what I have to say interesting, or God forbid, cliche, well I am sorry, but I really don’t care. I am doing this for myself.


RussellPeters-740About to heckle Russell Peters from back stage, not really just letting him know his time at the sblolfest. Granada Theatre, sold out!  


So where do I start? As they say there is no time like the present, and in this town of tinsel your only as good as the last thing you did anyway. It’s also the freshest in my mind so why not start there before I forget? With that said, my first series of blog posts will be a fresh peak behind the scenes of what it took to present this latest installment of the LOL Comedy Festival. Fresh? Really, I am being serious now. Oh did I forget to mention I might even be serious from time-to-time.

Don’t worry eventually I will get to the 20 or something years of stories, just give me some time to reflect, which is a nice way of saying, remember. By the way, some of these stories might be as interesting as they are informative, (serious again) well in my mind anyway. Some are just hilarious to me and yet some are also a little sad, you know, comedy, tragedy, you can’t have one without the other. But rest assured at all times all of these stories are just for me, blah blah blah!

— Scott Montoya


About the so-called Blogger

Scott Montoya is a Director, Producer, Editor, oh and now would-be blogger who’s career in presenting stand-up comedy has spanned over 25 years. Having directed and produced some 80 or so Stand-Up Comedy Specials for Network Broadcast, Scott began his career as a producer touring 100’s of live shows across the country as well as managing stand-up comedy talent. This eventually lead to producing his first comedy special, a very niche but somewhat successful indy titled the “Original Latin Kings of Comedy“.  This is the serious part he was talking about.


Scott and Snoop Dogg on stage rehearsing the finer points of negotiating a mic for a… is that a blunt in his hands? 


Recognizing there was an under-served audience for non-traditional stand-up comedy specials, this eventually lead to the creation of LOL Comedy Inc. a comedy production company and lolflix.com a digital outlet to present these specials directly to the comedy connoisseur. Both serve in tandem to produce and present an eclectic array of comedians and shows less traditional but equally as hilarious as their mainstream compatriots.

Showtime Networks helped launch this endeavor by having premiered the Original Latin Kings of Comedy. The premium cable network has since become a great home for original LOL Comedy Inc. productions.

In 2009 Scott created the LOL Comedy Festival as a creative way to film a number of stand-up comedy shows over the course of a set number of days. Now in its 6th year the LOL Comedy Festival Festival has been re-branded as the “Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival”. This resent installment of the SBLOLFEST has matured into a traditional stand-up comedy festival featuring over 50 comedians, over seven nights of live and filmed performances, all while continuing the mandate of presenting up-and-coming as well as established artists of Stand-Up Comedy.


Winning-an-Alma-Award-740Edward James Olmos, Alex Reymundo and Scott Montoya winning an Alma. Alex and Scott receiving for the Showtime Special “Hick-Spanic”. Ya, not sure about what Eddie won his for, but he wins one every year for something?  I think it was for just showing up.


Written By Sancho Pansa; Ok I wrote all of this, both the first section and last sections in third person because I am too cheap to hire someone else to do it. I am being serious again. Sancho is the name given to me by my 7th grade Spanish teacher who could not come up with a direct translation for Scott. Or maybe she just wanted me to be her Sancho, I don’t know.